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Shopping Spree
ClarkLex Round Robin, concept by Shelly

Chapter One by Shelly

This is a fun and flirty story about Lex taking Clark shopping in Metropolis. Snerk. Possible spoilers for the season to date. Possible NC17. May be archived anywhere. I don't own the characters, I just play with them!


"Why are we doing this again?" Clark asked, as he exited the limo behind Lex. They were in Metropolis for the weekend and Lex had insisted on taking Clark shopping. Even after Clark had insisted his Father wouldn't allow him to accept any clothes as a gift. It was amazing enough that Jonathan Kent had allowed Clark to make the trip itself. And that only because Lex had risked his life when Clark and his classmates were being held hostage at the Fertilizer plant. Clark knew his Father felt he owed Lex at least this one request. "There is no point in shopping for clothes I can't keep," Clark continued, when Lex didn't respond.

"I'll keep the clothes for you," Lex replied as he guided Clark into the department store. Knew better than to go someplace super elite, but Gregory's would be perfect and Lex knew they would have exactly what he was looking for.

Clark sighed. "Did I forget to mention that I HATE Shopping?" He thought that little fact might help change Lex's mind. And it was a true fact. Clark never went clothes shopping. He wore whatever his mother bought, or things he got as gifts.

Lex grinned at his young friend. "After today..I promise you'll think shopping is fun, Clark," he drawled. "Come this way." Lex took Clark by the arm and headed for the escalator. The Men's wear he was looking for was on the third floor.

"Why do I need more clothes?" Clark countered as he allowed Lex to lead him along. Couldn't help but stare about him in awe and knew that anything he tried on was going to cost way more than he could ever afford. In fact, it would cost so much that Clark doubted he would have the courage to ever wear them for fear of getting them dirty or ripping them. "I have plenty of clothes."

"Not that you don't look good in jeans and flannel, Clark," Lex replied. "But you need to broaden your horizons, as it were. Go for a new look."

Clark sighed. "Why? So I can look like a geek in expensive clothing?"

It was Lex's turn to sigh. "It amazes me, Clark..that you are so blind to your beauty. I don't get it. How can you not see how gorgeous you are?"

"I'm not gorgeous!" Clark protested, blushing furiously.

"I say you are, and have I ever lied to you, Clark?" Lex countered, his serious tone belying the twinkle in his eyes.

Clark dropped his head and willed his blush to fade. Couldn't look at Lex as he answered, "Not that I know of. But new clothes will not transform a geeky farm boy into a...a..." Clark didn't even have a finish to his point and that made him blush again.

Lex had the perfect response. "A Greek god?" he offered, and laughed as Clark's blush turned a deep scarlet. "I'm not teasing you," Lex stated. "You look like a God dressed in plaid flannel, Clark. And by the end of today..I'm going to make you see yourself through my eyes. Actually through the eyes of the rest of the world."

"Since when has Smallville been the rest of the World?" Clark countered, with a touch of sarcasm.

"You're going to outgrow Smallville, Clark," Lex replied. "But that's a discussion for another day. Today we're all about shopping and you're going to have fun whether you like it or not."

Clark pouted, unaware of the effect it had on Lex. "I don't like it," he stated. "But I guess I should pretend I do since you were gracious enough to invite me to Metropolis for the weekend...all expenses paid, no less."

Lex smirked. "You're dad really hated that part..didn't he?"

"Yeah..he did," Clark replied, unable to stop a smile from curving his lips. It had been rather funny to watch his Father almost apoplexy himself after Lex had extended his invitation. Clark chuckled at the memory. But his father had recovered nicely and had, graciously, given his consent. Although Clark was sure he had given Lex some strict warnings while walking him out to his car. Like No gifts of any kind.

"Here we are," Lex announced, as they reached the top floor. He guided Clark to Men's wear and smiled as middle aged man strode forward to greet them. "Antoine!" Lex said, shaking the man's hand. Antoine was the Manager of Gregory's and Lex had convinced him to close the men's wear department to the public for a few hours so that he could have fun with Clark. "This is my friend I was telling you about," Lex continued. "Clark Kent. I think you can work with him...don't you think?"

Antoine looked at Clark and his eyes flashed with excitement as he let his gaze roam from the top of the boy's dark head to the tip of his feet in clunky boots. "I don't need magic with this one," Antoine stated. "He is..tre magnifique!"

Lex grinned. "I think so. Did you set aside the items I requested?"

"I did," Antoine allowed, then he turned to Clark. "You are beautiful even in raw form," he gushed. "When we are done with you the Angel's in heaven will be so jealous they will commit Hari Kari."

"Lex..I don't think I want to do this," Clark declared, not liking the way Antoine was eyeing him. And totally not understanding what the guy was so excited about. And his blathering on about Angel's was nerve wracking. "Maybe we should go."

Lex patted Clark's shoulder and smiled. "Not a chance," he said smugly, then he took Clark by the arm and dragged him forward. Luckily, the boy let him. To Antoine Lex said, "Let's start with the leather."

Clark shook his head. "No way!" he protested. "I am NOT wearing leather."

"Sure you are," Lex drawled, then he waved at Clark as Antoine now took the boy by the arm and led him off into a dressing room. And Lex knew that the reason Clark went was because he was too polite to put up a struggle with an elder. Smiling to himself, Lex made his way to the Expresso machine set up on a side table and poured himself a cup. Then he moved to a leather arm chair and sat down to await the show.


Lex was taking a sip of his Expresso when Clark exited the dressing room. Choked on the sip and hastily swallowed before coughing into a linen napkin. Wisely, Lex set his cup aside and rose from his chair as Clark approached him. Could feel a tightness in his groin and silently gave thanks to the fact that he was wearing his shirt untucked over his pants. No one would see the growing bulge. "Wow," Lex whispered, as studied Clark. The boy was dressed in Black leather pants that fit him like a glove. The soft leather was molded to the long legs, cupped the bulge at Clark's groin and, as Lex moved around Clark, he noticed that the boy had an awesome butt. Taut and hard and just begging to be squeezed. Lex balled his hands into fists and raised his gaze to take in the white silk shirt Clark was wearing. The material was almost sheer, giving the illusion that one could see tanned flesh through it. It was tucked into the pants which rode low on Clark's hips, and Antoine had added a wide belt which gave the look a European flair. Lex felt himself smiling as he noted the top three buttons of the shirt were undone and Clark's fingers were plucking at it nervously. "Nice," Lex drawled, eyes lifting now to Clark's face. The boy's cheeks were cherry red and the hazel eyes were glittering with embarrasment. That's when Lex noticed Clark's hair. Bless Antoine, he'd gotten out his spray bottle and mussed up Clark's mushroom cap Do. Now the sable strands were touseled and the natural curl was rampant. Lex couldn't help but think that the entire looked screamed Just been fucked! " look great," Lex purred. "Look in the mirror."

"I already did," CLark muttered, shooting Antoine a glare. The leather pants and sheer shirt were bad enough, especially since the guy had made him go commando. But then he had messed with Clark's hair, bringing to life the wretched curls that Clark worked so hard to suppress.

"You don't like what you see?" Lex countered, guiding Clark over to the threeway in the corner. He watched Clark shake his head and sighed. "What's not to like, Clark. You look like sex personified. Lana would wet herself to see you looking like this."

Clark winced at Lex's words, even though they invoked and interesting imagery. "Thing is..I don't look like me."

Lex smiled and stood directly behind Clark, gazing over the boy's shoulder at the sexy reflection in the mirror. "Thing is, Clark...this is how you look. How you really look. You just try to hide it under baggy jeans and oversized flannel shirts. You're afraid to look like the man you are physically. I realize that emotionally you're still a kid. But you know what they say..if you've got it, flaunt it. And you've got it, Clark. So use it."

"Can I change now?" Clark asked, eyes lowered. He didn't want to see himself again. It kind of scared him. The guy in the mirror looked like a stranger. Someone grown up and sophistacated. And that was so not Clark.

"Go ahead, try the next outfit," Lex allowed. He looked over at Antoine. "We'll take this outfit," he stated, and heard Clark gasp. "I told you I was going to buy you clothes," Lex told the boy.

Clark shook his head. "And I told you my parents won't let me accept them," he stated, adamantly.

Lex shrugged. "I'll keep them at my house and you can wear them as needed." He made a shooing motion with one hand. "Now..go try something else on." Lex watched Clark struggle with making another protest before turning in his heel and stomping off. Lex enjoyed the view until Clark disappeared, then he moved off to the far wall and adjusted his rock hard cock. He was going to keep the leather outfit and make Clark wear it tonight. Lex was taking Clark to a private Club and he had every intention of showing the boy off, getting him drunkish, and seducing him. And those pants and the sheer shirt were the perfect Seduction outfit. Especially since Clark wouldn't be wearing any underwear. Lex smiled at the thought. And his daydreams made the time fly. It seemed like only a heartbeat later when Clark returned.

This time the boy was wearing jeans and a Sleeveless red silk t-shirt. The jeans were formfitting to, once again, show off the long legs and tight butt. And the clingy shirt outlined Clark's perfect pecs and six pack abs. Being sleeveless, Clark's biceps were revealed and his broad shoulders outlined. It was a simple look but heartstopping. And Lex took note that, for all of Clark's size, he was actually almost thin and his waist was very slender. He possessed the slinky, lean, grace of a NYC model gone Euro. Had the pouty look down too and it went perfectly with his mussed tresses. This time Antoine had combed Clark's bangs down low over his forehead so they almost covered his eyes. That was Antoine, always going for the right Look. "We'll take this one too," Lex announced, before Clark could say a word. "Do you like this better?" he asked the boy.

"I guess," Clark allowed, somewhat reluctantly. "The jeans are awfully tight," he stated, shifting a bit to make more room for his member. Much like the rest of him, Clark's cock was oversized. Long and thick. He flushed at thinking about it at a time like this.

"Tight is good," Lex stated, his eyes roaming over Clark from head to toe. He took a deep, shuddery, breath and released it slowly. Did nothing to help the ache in his cock. " outfit," Lex ordered, snapping his fingers. As Clark was dragged away by Antoine, Lex poured himself a glass of ice water and considered dumping it down his pants. Should have done it, he told himself as he turned around a few minutes later to see Clark watching him. "Nice.." Lex whispered, as he stared at the beauty before him.

Clark was now dressed in a suit. Charcoal black with bit of a shine to it. Fitted jacket and tailored pants that were snug at the crotch and buttocks. Antoine had put Clark in a pink, silk, shirt and the color was a wonder on the boy. Not too pink, yet not too pale either. Clark had the masculinity to carry it off beautifully. And his hair was now restrained a bit, parted at the side and combed back, yet still wavy. "God you look beautiful," Lex blurted out, then almost laughed as Clark turned scarlet. Should have clashed with the pink shirt, but even blushing, Clark was exquisite. "Add this to the pile, Antoine," Lex declared. "I'm going to end up buying everything in the store."

"We have to stop now," Clark stated, his tone firm. "It's ridiculous for you to buy me clothes that I won't ever wear, Lex."

"Who says you won't wear them?" Lex countered. "You're wearing the jeans and sleeveless T when we leave here," he announced. "You're wearing the leather outfit tonight for the party I'm taking you to. And, trust me,'ll be wearing this suit tomorrow. For dinner. Five star resturant."

Clark sighed, knowing he had no choice but to give in to Lex. "What else is there for me to try on?' he queried, feeling weary yet exhilerated at the same time. Had to be the way Lex was looking at him. And, even though Clark didn't believe he was beautiful, it was nice to hear someone tell him that. Of course his mom always said it, but she was his Mom. So it didn't count.

Lex smiled, his eyes twinkling as he replied to Clark's question. "Well..there is the Tuxedo I had designed for you. But I think we should have you try on the swim suits next. Don't you?"

THE END..of part one

Chapter Two